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The Lifecycle of an EEOC Charge

The EEOC charge is the first step in and employee's march towards litigation. Responding to charges with an organized and thoughtful approach can significantly minimize employer liability. This webinar will review the lifecycle of the EEOC charge from the most common charge allegations to the most common administrative hurdle to the right to sue letter and everything in between.


Demystifying the Code

While employers and employees alike may take for granted the tax-free nature of health and welfare benefits, the Internal Revenue Code section that regulates these benefits is complex and easily misunderstood. Plans that fail to comply with these complicated guidelines risk the total loss of tax-advantaged status. This webinar will focus on the core concepts of Section 125 Plans and will prepare employers to navigate the Code's challenging landscape.


Conducting Successful Workplace Investigations

With the recent rise of the #metoo movement there has been a corresponding increase in workplace complaints. Employers are expected to not only timely respond to such complaints but also to conduct thorough and complete investigations. Interviewing skills, confidentiality and preparing the investigation appropriately to be defended in a court of law are invaluable in minimizing employer liability. During this webinar we'll discuss and highlight these employer best practices.


Introduction to HIPAA Privacy and Secrity

With breach threats at an all-time high and HHS audits on the rise, HIPAA privacy and security compliance is more important than ever. During this webinar, we'll provide you with an overview of the HIPAA privacy, security and breach notification rules. We'll also provide you with practical tips for getting your organization compliant and preparing for an HHS audit.


Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits: A compliance Perspective

During this webinar, we'll focus on legal developments and compliance issues surrounding some of the latest trends in health benefits, including association health plans, on-site clinics, telemedicine, HRAs/QSEHRAs, reference based pricing and more. We'll discuss the various challenges and considerations these trends raise under ERISA, the ACA, COBRA, HIPAA, and other state and federal lines.


FLSA White Collar Exemption Changes: Where Are We Now?

The Department of Labor is expected to make draft changes tot he white collar exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards in March 2019. If such changes occur on schedule, this webinar will explore the substance of the changes as well as the impact on your organization and potential strategies to implement compliant changes to your compensation practices.


Wrap Documents and "Bundled" Health and Welfare Plans

During this webinar, we'll discuss the pros and cons of "bundling" health and welfare benefits together under a single "wrap" plan, as well as the compliance implications of doing so. We'll also discuss various things to consider when drafting wrap documents and SPDs.


Performance Appraisals: To Perform or Not to Perform?

This webinar will discuss various appraisal types and analyze some compliance concerns inherent in performing them so that listeners can analyze which type of performance appraisal is right for their organization or whether they are needed at all.


Background Check Compliance Concerns for 2019

This webinar is intended to analyze the key compliance concerns facing employers that conduct background checks during the hiring process as well as best practice approaches to maintaining compliance.


The Americans with Disabilities Act: Common Employer Mistakes

The main focus of the webinar will be on the most common mistakes made by employers and how to reduce an organization’s risks of complaints, penalties and lawsuits.


Nondiscrimination Rules for Health and Welfare Plans: A Primer

In this webinar, we’ll provide you with a basic overview of the nondiscrimination rules under the Code and highlight the specific tests used to determine whether plans are discriminatory.


Surviving a DOL Wage & Hour Audit

This presentation will discuss several non-Health Care Reform DOL areas of concern for employers in 2018,
and best practices for preparing for and surviving a DOL audit.

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