Ian Morton
Partner, Crimson Investment

Workers’ Compensation

Reduce your claims. Lower your premiums.

Your employees are what make your business run. Make sure you’re protecting them and your bottom line by working with ProCo to identify and manage your workers’ compensation risks. Our solutions focus on helping you reduce both accidents and claims through education and safety programs, improved claims management processes, and loss control services coordination. This translates into a safer work environment for your employees and lower costs for you.

“Working with ProCo, we have gained greater coverage tailored for our individual portfolio companies and realized cost savings as well. The people at ProCo are terrific: professional, capable and highly invested in achieving the best outcome for the clients.”

Ian Morton
Partner, Crimson Investment
Our expertise
  • Open claims monitoring to facilitate timely closure, as well as to justify and negotiate open claim reserves
  • Calculate an experience modification projection with an explanation of changes to avoid surprises
  • Written open claim summary of the claims affecting your current and future experience modifications
  • Written claim trend report to support your experience modification and identify claim trends
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims 101 Training
  • Assistance in developing Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP), Return To Work Programs, and safety committees
  • Medical Provider Network (MPN) relations
  • Conflict resolution with insurance carriers/adjusters
  • Coordinate carrier loss control services
  • OSHA consultation and enforcement planning
Above & beyond

We’ve created a Workers’ Compensation Claims 101 Training to help your staff navigate and understand the workers’ compensation claim system. Because regulations are always changing and teams come into the process at different levels, our training brings them up to speed quickly to ensure success.

Our experience modification forecasting helps you budget more effectively for the coming year to avoid any surprises that could affect your experience rating. We also give you a complete explanation of your experience history, current situation and future forecasts, based on a thorough claims analysis to make sure your programs are optimized.

We keep an eagle eye on your experience modification rating sheet, performing regular audits for errors. We also work directly with the insurance companies and WCIRB to make corrections when errors are found, freeing you up to manage your teams, not your workers’ comp program.

Employee safety is a top priority for any company, but it can be hard to create a robust program from the inside. Our solutions help you be proactive with your safety programs to ensure a safer, more productive working environment for your employees.

With ProCo, you get unlimited access to our in-house services, quarterly written claims reports to keep employers up-to-date on their claims activity, and classification research to make sure employees are properly classified and payroll is being reported properly.

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