Jeff Diana
Chief People Officer, Calendly


Creative, customized perks that make your company stand out

Even if you offer a stellar benefits package, the day-to-day experience of working at your company is often what attracts new talent and helps you retain your best people. Whether it’s free gourmet lunches crafted on site by a chef or company-issued bikes for commuting, creative company perks can really help your company shine.


“With ProCo, we’ve been able to attract top talent, and our costs continue to be below competitors, even though we have better products and solutions. Even at 2,000 employees across the globe, we have not needed to add an internal benefits leader because ProCo takes on that role for us.”

Jeff Diana
Chief People Officer, Calendly
Our expertise
  • Ready-to-implement, best-practice perks programs
  • Fully customized programs with beyond-the-traditional perks
  • Implementation and transition
  • Ongoing management, maintenance and checkups
  • Customized employee feedback surveys to pinpoint perks that are most meaningful to your team
Above & beyond

We love thinking way out of the box of traditional perks to build a one-of-a-kind program from scratch. We find out what your employees really want and the culture you want to create within your company and then build something completely custom for you.

If you’re just launching your company, speed may take priority over a customized perks program. We’ve curated a streamlined, ready-to-go program of the most popular perks to get you up-and-running quickly.

Without expert management, even the most carefully crafted perks program can fail to live up to your employees’ expectations. We don’t let that happen. We’ll manage your program for you, taking care of absolutely everything so you’re less stressed and your employees are happier.

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